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Tutorial #2 by Nadya149

Firstly, I want to apologize to dixon for so long that I could not write this tutorial!
Secondly, it's not my idea, this method is used to retouch photos to give extra volume.
Third, you do not need to be able to draw (I can not), do not need a graphics tablet or the use of Topaz Plugins, all you need is patience :)
So a new tutorial about how I paint hair, folds in clothing, additional shadows on the face and so on.
Show all by the example of this icon.
03 => =>

Original caps.
03 (2)

The first thing I'm doing it brightens it (tutorial how to lighten).
03 (1)

Jessica has a very dark hair and not visible strands, continuous head of hair, so let's draw them yourself.
Download, for example, these brushes (you can use the other).
Before you paint your hair, you have to decide how they will lie.
I liked how beautifully drawn strands on this icon aPxGhmD by everythingshiny and I want to do something similar to Jessica.

Create a new layer.
03 (22)

Fill it with a gray color - press shift + F5 or go to Edit - Fill and choose 50% Gray, put it in Soft Light and will continue to paint brushes for hair Dodge and Burn tools.
03 (21)

I will say again, I do not know how to paint and draw with the mouse is very difficult,
but now do not have to draw in the strands, we just need to map out how the hair will lie.
I got here such squiggles, some of the layers I was a little eroded and reduced transparency.
03 (4)

03 (7)

03 (5)

03 (6)

Now Jessica looks like this
03 (3)

Then I cut out Jessica from the background, paint the clothes and resize the icon to 100x100, personally I feel so comfortable.
03 (8)

Repeat once again - New Layer 50% Gray to Soft Light, change the brushes on the usual 1-5 pixels soft brush, again use the Dodge and Burn tools some more paint hair, and yes, much easier to paint the picture of a small size :)
03 (9) 03 (10) 03 (11)

And here we are already clearly visible strands of hair.
03 (12)

While I'm coloring Jessica, I add strands of hair a few times, I put the Gray layer to Linear Light or Vivid Light for shine hair.
03 (13) 03 (14) 03 (15) 03 (16)

03 (18)

03 (17)

That done, but it seems boring, so I'll add colorful strands of this tutorial by awesome naive_astronaut
03 (19)

03 (20)

Well, and a couple of finishing touches and you're done!

Here's how it looks in the other pics :)

And thanks a lot sjlnechnaia for the help.
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